ARPwave News

by Jaine Andrews:

If you've ever been injured in an accident or put up with the aches and strains of growing older, you know how debilitating pain can be. While many people resign themselves to living with it, a program designed to get you back into action, sooner, and many say, even better than before.

For many people, recovering from an injury means accepting weeks of physical therapy and, sometimes, a lifetime of pain. But here at the Optimum Performance Clinic, that's not acceptable.

Three weeks ago, Tony Bachman's back pain would have stopped him from doing this. Since a motorcycle accident, it's kept him from doing just about anything. He says, "I had a lot of problems sleeping at night because I'd be sleeping in the wrong position and gotten woke up by it."

Did I mention that accident was 5 years ago? Bachman adds, "I still had that on-going pain and I just could not shake it. And it got to the point where I wasn't willing to take the medications on a regular basis." Then he heard about the Optimum Performance Clinic, one of just seven places in the country which uses a system known as the Accelerated Recovery Program or ARP.

Dr. Sara Malchow, a chiropractor with the clinic explains, "What we do is we first want to balance the body, making sure their nervous system is functioning correctly, making sure the muscles are working correctly, making sure that their body essentially is going to be working properly." The first step involves muscle testing and spinal manipulation with a chiropractor.

Next the ARP machine utilizes electrical waves to trace and treat the source of the pain by urging tightened muscles to relax and stretch. Ben Brownsberger explains, "We typically are looking to get to a point in four days of restored range of motion, to as good as they've ever been to possibly even better than when they came in pre-injury."

The chiropractor is usually covered by insurance. The ARP, and following strength rehabilitation, usually isn't. Malchow says, "By doing both, you're going to see results quicker and faster than if you just did one alone."

The program doesn't stop there. Nutritional counseling is included, as well as some lifestyle coaching. Bachman says, "I was given some recommendations, number one, don't carry my billfold in my back pocket. Number two, don't put my hands in my front pockets."

These are simple changes which Bachman says has given him his life back. Bachman says, "I love to snow ski. I want to be back to skiing like I did 20 years ago and I think that's very possible."